• My Mission in life is to impact and empower men, women and their loved ones who are dealing with a Federal indictment or opiate addiction. I spent over 13 years abusing opiates and lucky to be alive today. I also faced a federal indictment and served time in Federal prison for mortgage fraud case. I made mistakes during the legal process due to fear and an attorney who wasn’t focused on what was in my best interest. I used to drive to work crying because I had no idea how to get out of addiction. I didn’t know there were meetings and people who could help me. Back in the late 90’s. There’s no reason you and your loved ones have to go at this alone. I’m here to help you navigate through these difficult times to make it easier so you can eliminate as much stress and fear as possible. I started my career as an entrepreneur running my Fathers full-service car washes and convenience stores in 1989. After selling them in 1994 I built several multi-million dollar businesses in the areas of real Estate, retail, e-commerce and importing.
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